New Act on the Horizon!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a new act which gives some of our audiences favourite acts a re-vamp. It was 9 years ago that we created ‘Sideshow of Curiosities’ and those characters have had so many adventures since. From meeting his Royal Highness Prince Charles at the opening of SeaChange Arts Drill House to the dizzying heights of Blackpool for Showzam, performing in France for Fish and Chips Festival. The new show involves a new vehicle - yes, we love wheels. it’s all about being mobile when you’re running away from the Circus! An all female team - we’re working with the marvellous costumier talents of Kirsteen Ross, photographic wonder, Jemma Mickleburgh and an all female cast though one of them has some substantial facial hair she is all woman. These ladies are proud to be different and take to the streets in the most beautiful Surrey Bike at FESTA FIESTA on Saturday 8th June. Be sure to catch them if you can for some ‘Sideshow Roadshow’ action!

Lucy Enskat