Hocus Pocus Theatre produced the NO STRINGS Burlesque & Cabaret Club shows and Boogaloo for many years, programming some of the country's best international cabaret and burlesque artists so they really know their stuff. As a company we cut our teeth on the cabaret circuit and dabbled in a little burlesque but always with tongue firmly in cheek! These acts are available to book for cabaret and pop up performances at a variety of events.



When clown collides with burlesque it makes a beautiful mess! This cute clown is about to hit town with a new pair of shoes and teach us the art of subverting sexy. Battling with the blues we see all her human flaws laid bare and she finds that laughter really is the best medicine. With bespoke vintage inspired harlequin costume and a comedy strip to Ella Fitzgerald's 'Aint Got Nothing But The Blues', the piece includes balloon swallowing and a squirting flower finale. (5 mins)

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Ms Fortune
  • Ms. Fortune can see into the future and commune with the spirits. Fortuneteller Extraordinaire and Queen of the Dark Arts; she shows off her supernatural powers and with the assistance of a member of the audience in a seance, levitates a table before your very eyes. This saucy devil will bewitch you in this comedy character cabaret act to a great soundtrack. (6 mins)

  • Stand-up comedy slot where Miss Fortune delights the audience with her imaginative guesswork and a bit of cold reading. (7 mins)


Also available as:

  • Meet & mingle/walkabout character for events.

  • Fortune Teller booth installation offering phoney, playful readings of tarot, crystal ball or tea leaves.

  • Character compere for cabaret.

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