Hocus Pocus Theatre have a plethora of wondrous walkabout acts to add some sparkle to any event. With surreal and larger than life, interactive characters, Hocus Pocus Theatre knock down the fourth wall and boldly blur the boundaries of performance.

The Tuttle TwinsThe Tuttle Twins

Nancy and Nellie Tuttle are a peculiar pair of Victorian sideshow girls. Joined at the hip, this terrible twosome don’t always see eye to eye! Twins

Photos by Rod Penn. www.rodpennphoto.comRobots Girls

 Robot Girls

These futuristic fantasy femebots are quite literally, on another planet. As they mix and mingle expect the odd faux pas as they try their best to fit in, make friend and understand this strange new world. Perfect for meet and  greet and will light up any occasion.



Easy Riders

Too cool for school and hard as nails these hilarious Hells Angels will take you for a ride. Hop on, rev up and rock out with them as they share with you their wild tales of being on the road and their rock star friends.




This unsettling duo will get any party swinging. Arriving undercover as punters or guests, Tony and Pamela prey on the unsuspecting and before long reveal their true colours as they become progressively more drunk and embarrassing. 






Bills & Moon 1Bills and Moon

Famed Romantic Novelist Barbara Bills and her awkward secretary and writing assistant Maggie Moon set to work writing a smutty masterpiece with the willing assistance of passers by. Maggie types and Babs dictates, sometimes workshopping ideas with the help of willing volunteers allowing the audience to participate in the action and contribute to the creative process. 

Bills & Moon








Women’s Institution

 Nice cup of tea and  sit down is what these delightful old dears are after. Join them for a cuppa, a bit of cake and a good old fashioned chin wag. There’s life left in these old girls yet and they may just surprise you with their shaking booties stories of their misspent youth.


rods picVaudeville Vamps

Mabel and Edie are a monochrome double act that pay homage to the golden bygone era when vaudeville met cinema. These silent stars of stage and silver screen mesmerise the crowd with their mime and slap stick routines.

black and white

Photo by Andy Stubbs






Ringmaster Ron and Trixie Show Cat

Puss In Boots

This padded gent and his playful puss run riot with slapstick comedy routines, tumbling and high energy chases. These wild and wonderful cartoon characters bring mischief and mayhem to any event.

Photo by Rod Penn. www.rodpennphoto.com


Miss Fit Circus

This comical circus trio have travelled many miles in a box to find fame and fortune. Captivating the audience with their unique brand of eccentric entertainment, this troupe of marauding misfits display an array of dubious circus skills.

Photo by Rod Penn. www.rodpennphoto.com




These lascivious ladies of the night have stepped out of grimy Victorian London and straight into the part. A character walkabout act with stories of notorious Jack and the plight of an honest whore.

Photo by Andy Stubbs



Flaunting Flappers

Girtie and Maude are on a mission for a spiffing party. In beautiful matching flapper dresses they will flaunt, flit and flirt about at your party, event or festival, creating a buzz and occasionally bursting into the charleston.

Photo by Andy Stubbs




Nightmare Café

Wily waiters and wicked waitresses who lack table manners and delight in debauchery. Stemming from the companies show Nightmare Café these characters lean a little toward the darkside. Let the cafe crew loose at your event if you dare!

Photo by Andy Stubbs

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