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The End of the Line

In a dingy, dirty dive of a club on the wrong side of the tracks, dreams are an escape from reality and reality is much darker than you ever imagined. The club’s storytellers weave a tale of power, corruption and deceit in an uncannily familiar era where crooks are commonplace and innocent by-standers turn to crime in the blink of an eye. Surreal characters combine cabaret, storytelling and clowning to make a song and dance about a nation’s descent into depression. Entertainment meets social experiment in this underground immersive comedy that will leave you with an uneasy feeling of unrest.

The show traces the story of a supper club sweetheart who harbors a dangerous secret and the crooked club owner who has to face an anonymous assailant. As you move about the performance area, it’s your job to gather the clues along the way to unveil the truth. Tread carefully though, leave no incriminating evidence or you may just wind up more than an accessory to someone else’s crime.

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