Outdoor show Like A Tree available for booking May-Sept 2018 plus a new one in the making! Indoor experiences including GUILTY PARTY and Night Magic are available for theatre venues and alternative spaces. Hocus Pocus Theatre brings a unique up close and personal experience to audiences in these larger scale immersive shows that fuse performance disciplines and combine interactive characters with a cabaret show and installations to explore. These shows are site responsive and require months of planning so timescales and budget must allow for this.


Down in the woods a sapling grows, up through the ground and towards the sky. At the same time, a child is born and their lives entwine in a touching tale of life, love and everything after.

Mother Nature is our storyteller lighting up hearts and imaginations with her handmade puppets and a vintage pram puppet theatre. As climate catastrophe threatens her beloved tree she learns about the fragility of life and that kindness is the key.

A magical story told with puppets and suitable for all ages.

Photo by Andi Sapey


GP on black

In a downtown, dingy, dive of a nightclub on the wrong side of the tracks, dreams are an escape from reality and reality is much darker than you ever imagined. Meet the club’s sleazy proprietor and his menagerie of performers who spin you into a tale of power, corruption and deceit as you conspire to party with them in prohibition bustin’ speakeasy style. Social commentary meets social experiment in this underground, immersive and surreal club experience. Turning cabaret on its head and making a song and dance out of the state of the nation. 

Photo by Andi Sapey

This show has a large cast and is site responsive so requires 9 month advance booking to ensure enough time to secure funding for rehearsals and to adapt this unique experience to your venue. It is available for a set fee and venue partnership arrangement only.

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Hocus Pocus Theatre & Gossamer Thread’s Vaudeville Co. join forces to conjure up a cabaret of magical delights and breathtaking feats. Inspired by turn of the century spiritualism, Victorian sideshow and the golden era of vaudeville, Night Magic invites you to lift the veil for a late night adventure into the unknown. Be entranced by an enigmatic magician, witness occult obsession and meet the impossible woman for whom death knows no bounds.  With death defying magic, euphoric aerial acts and enchanting live music, this exciting new show is an utterly transcendental experience.

Booking enquiries taken with a 6 month run up and requires a venue willing to offer partnership with the company and a flat fee.

For a show dossier please email:

Photo by James Millar

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