Hocus Pocus Theatre produce the NO STRINGS Cabaret and Boogaloo events and have been programming the country’s best cabaret artists in their shows since 2008. They have a superb track record for the quality of their programming and all the contacts necessary to put on a superb show. Hocus Pocus Theatre also offer the following cabaret acts of their own:

The Gypsy – Seance

Fortuneteller extraordinaire and Queen of the dark arts. The Gypsy can see into the future and communicate with the dead. Bear witness to her supernatural powers, as she dances with the devil and moves objects with her mind. You will not believe your eyes. With juju magic,
 animated skeleton and levitating table. (6 mins)

“Her levitation act even at close range was genuinely mystifying (though I have to admit to being distracted, probably at the critical moment, by a flash of thigh!).” – Stage Beauty

The Gypsy – Predicts

She’s a mystery! A spoken comedy cabaret stage act. The Gypsy has great skills in faux fortune telling and delights the audience with her imaginative guesswork. With audience participation and a hilarious climax (7 mins)





Combining modern clowning and traditional vaudeville burlesque this cute clown subverts all that it means to be sexy. Battling with the blues she finds that laughter really is the best medicine. With bespoke vintage inspired harlequin costume and a comedy strip to hot Rhythm & Blues, the piece includes balloon swallowing and a squirting flower finale. (5 mins)

  “A humorously sensual strip routine.” – Stage Beauty


Misfit Circus

Russia’s most inept circus troupe! Captivating the audience with their unique brand of eccentric entertainment, this troupe of marauding misfits display an array of dubious circus skills. Cabaret stage act with 2-3 performers. Includes trick with starting pistol and vodka bottle and safe flaming hoop. (7 mins)

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